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I just came across bond.com which was going to be auctioned soon. The starting price for the domain name will be 1 million dollars (expected since the movie is going to be released soon) and is expected to fetch an amount way higher than that. 

The list of domains scheduled for the Five Special Contests will be published on this page. Stay tuned to this blog for official announcements of these names.

Also see 'List of Domain Names to be auctioned'
A list of domains to be auctioned will be published on this page. Stay tuned to this blog for the announcement of the names!
.Asia Hot or Not Domains Appraisal Contest Terms & Conditions

DotAsia Organisation is excited to announce the .Asia "Hot or Not" Domain Appraisal Contest, where the public is invited to estimate the most sought after domain names from .ASIA's domain name auctions. Contestants can win by identifying the .Asia domains that fetch the highest winning prices. (See contest form for official contest terms and conditions)

The contest runs from April 14th, 2008 to June 26, 2008, 24:00 UTC, so click the banner above and enter!

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