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1.  Spa.asia

The first impression that comes to mind with the domain spa.asia is that it is a good generic name that could translate into a valuable e-commerce site.  It could focus on such things as Asian spa destinations or home spas.
.Asia Hot or Not Domains Appraisal Contest Advertisement
Publication Date: 27.05.2008 (Full Page Spread)
1.  best.asia (最好)

  • Estimated Value of US$50,000
  • 意指最好。通用单词,用处广泛。

Week 5's Hot or Not Contest list of 300 eligible domain names including search.asia, baby.asia and date.asia have been released.

Week 4's Hot or Not Contest list of 300 eligible domain names including tours.asia, sales.asia and loans.asia have been released.

Week 3's Hot or Not Contest list of 300 eligible domain names including computer.asia, new.asia and export.asia have been released.

Week 2's Hot or Not Contest list of 300 eligible domain names including spa.asia, medicine.asia and happy.asia have been released.

Week 1's Hot or Not Contest list of 300 eligible domain names including toy.asia, coffee.asia and god.asia have been released.

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The following information details the .ASIA Domains Appraisal Contest schedule and weekly results.

Contest Details:

  1. Please visit www.think.asia.
  2. This contest is open to anyone 18 years of age and above
  3. Each participant may only submit one (1) entry with a maximum of six (6) choices of domains and their corresponding prices.
  4. DotAsia will publish the list of .Asia domain names in auction on www.think.asia to allow anyone from the world to take part in this contest.
  5. Participant with an entry which correctly identifies the highest-priced .Asia domain name and its winning price (or closest to the winning price) in the auction will be considered a qualifier.  A qualifier needs to correctly answer a trivia question related to domain appraisal knowledge in order to win the contest.  If a qualifier fails to answer or incorrectly answers the question, s/he will lose the contest.  The next qualifier in line (who submitted an entry with the next closest price) will then be asked a trivia question for his/her chance to win the contest.  This process will continue until a winner is produced.
  6. If there are multiple entries that are equally close to the winning price of the highest-priced domain, there will be multiple qualifiers, which would be considered semi-finalists.
  7. If there are more than five (5) semi-finalists, DotAsia will send to all semi- finalists, via email, a trivia question related to domain appraisal knowledge.  Semi-finalists who fail to answer the question correctly or fail to respond in time will be eliminated.  Additional rounds of trivia questions will be run until five (5) or less semi-finalists remain.  Remaining semi-finalists will be considered finalists.
  8. Finalists will be invited to a real-time Q&A session to determine the winner. Questions will be related to DotAsia and domain name appraisal.  Details of the Q&A will be furnished later.
  9. If for any reason an auction needs to be prolonged, DotAsia will announce the highest bid based on the result on the day of the contest deadline.

Contest Rules:

  1. DotAsia will notify winners via email
  2. All information provided by participant will be used for contest purpose only
  3. Persons excluded from participation are: (a) employees and directors of DotAsia; and (b) persons who are immediate family members of DotAsia
  4. By participating in the contest with the submission of an entry, the participant declares that he/she agrees to and shall comply with these Terms and Conditions.
  5. DotAsia reserves the right in its sole discretion to disqualify, at any point in time, any submission that does not comply with the requirements set forth in these Terms and Conditions without notification.
DotAsia reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend the contest terms and conditions if necessary and its decision shall be final. 
1.  funny.asia (lustig)

With a value of 2700 Euros (US$ 4200), The domain funny.asia currently generates a high volume of user traffic. However, your domain appears to have low advertising relevance.

Das Thema der Domain erzielt tendenziell hohe Besucherzahlen, wobei jedoch der Wert eines einzelnen Besuchers eher gering ist.

1. top.asia

Top.asia could fit many types of businesses - an apparel shop, a customer review site, a electronics company, etc. With this generic name, a business could be easily built around the name. The key would be to ensure there is a proactive marketing strategy to increase traffic. 
1. top.asia (顶端,极点,最高地位)

  • Estimated Value of US$10,000
  • 该词的意思比较好。

1.    career.asia

Career.asia is a premiere generic domain name that would be sure to attract visitors looking for employment or career advice.  This domain has the potential to create a captive and active audience who would check the site regularly for new career postings, or this could even be a great domain for students to find advice on choosing good career path. 


At the coming TRAFFIC meet in Florida from the 20th to 24th of May 2008, there will be several domain names that will be auctioned off for very high starting prices. The names that will get most attention will be, israel.com, Americans.com, classified.com, tube.com,pay,com ETC. 
The domain name isreal.com will be entered into an auction soon. CEO of Moniker.com, said the name is expected to fetch around 5.5 million dollars when it is sold at auction. 

America for Sale!!!

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Guess what people? America is now for sale, well the domain name is, America.com, currently held by a Switzerland-based company is going to be auctioned off from 22nd of May to the 29th of May. People will have to pay big bucks to get their hands on this prime cyber real estate.

1.          seomarketing.asia (Suchmaschinenmarketing)

    • 1800 Euros
    • Google Results = 741000
    • Keyword Suggestions = 0
English - The domain seomarketing.asia boasts above-average online commerce potential.  It is most identifiable with an industry that is well-known for its online presence, and can use this awareness to effectively generate revenue.

German - Die Domain "seomarketing.asia" hat ein hohes Marktpotential in einem Markt, der zudem eine hohe Internetaffinität besitzt. Dies ist für den Wert des Domainnamens sehr positiv zu beurteilen.

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