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Commentary on upcoming auctions (26/5 to 29/5) first batch

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1.    career.asia

Career.asia is a premiere generic domain name that would be sure to attract visitors looking for employment or career advice.  This domain has the potential to create a captive and active audience who would check the site regularly for new career postings, or this could even be a great domain for students to find advice on choosing good career path. 


2.    good.asia

This very generic domain could be used in countless ways. For example, the non-profit industry could use good.asia for ongoing campaigns. Good.asia could also be used as an online shopping destination that sells quality goods. The challenge would be in properly marketing such a site.

3.    import.asia

Import.asia is the perfect domain name to sell Asian products all over the world. From clothing, furniture, cars, and the arts, this domain name speaks for itself. It lends itself well as an e-commerce site for all things Asian.

4.    how.asia

As a first impression, this domain name would be a very resourceful informational web site. It could create an active online community where users share tips and how-to advice on such topics as home renovations, auto repair, and Asian cuisine. How.asia could be the first place people go to find out how things are done.
5.    value.asia

This is a perfect generic domain name for an online shop. It has potential to attract a loyal audience if the products sold are seen as good value. Or this domain could feature a place to go for anyone to post suggestions and comments on any type of value purchase that they feel is worth being shared with the Asian public. Second to that, Value.asia could be a great site to go to for appraisals on such things as antiques, homes, cars, even domains!

6.    entry.asia

Creating significant revenue right away would be difficult for a domain like Entry.asia.. However with the right business model, it could do well as an Asia-specific travel site. Travel arrangements are being done online with greater frequency every year, but this type of site could be labour intensive.
7.    mart.asia
Though this is not a category-killer domain name, mart.asia could attract a loyal following with the right marketing and promotion. Like many of the other domains here, it would be valuable as an online shop for discount items as "mart" often signifies common goods for a low price.
8.    horoscope.asia

Following horoscopes is a common pastime for people all over the world. Horoscope.asia would be an ideal place to post daily astrology, numerology, and Chinese horoscope predictions. Users could then subscribe for more detailed analysis or email notifications. As a result, this domain could be a great place for advertisers.

9.    fengshui.asia

Given that the practice of feng shui originated in Asia, this domain makes perfect sense and will be seen as a credible source. The owner of the domain should put some thought into the business plan to attract advertisers, but there is a lot of potential for high traffic to an asian-specific generic like this

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