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1.  search.asia

This has a lot of potential as a good generic. The term "search" could be used in a wide variety of contexts. From personal and business telephone listings to search engine crawling, people are always looking for something. This could also be a great domain name for an already established search engine to use as a name that is associated with its brand in the Asian/Pacific region.

1.  realestate.asia

This domain is a great example of a solid generic premium domain name. It could act as the single most sought after domain to promote the real estate market in the Asia/Pacific. There is plenty to offer on such a generic name, but advertising on a site with this domain name presents a great opportunity for revenue.

1.  Computer.asia

This domain is a very generic, yet easily recognizable name. Need to know the latest computer trends or hot model information? Want to start a business selling the latest and greatest in computer technology? Owning a site like Computer.asia could be a way to net quality traffic and is definitely the first bid step in creating an online presence within the Asian region.

1.  Spa.asia

The first impression that comes to mind with the domain spa.asia is that it is a good generic name that could translate into a valuable e-commerce site.  It could focus on such things as Asian spa destinations or home spas.
1. top.asia

Top.asia could fit many types of businesses - an apparel shop, a customer review site, a electronics company, etc. With this generic name, a business could be easily built around the name. The key would be to ensure there is a proactive marketing strategy to increase traffic. 

1.    career.asia

Career.asia is a premiere generic domain name that would be sure to attract visitors looking for employment or career advice.  This domain has the potential to create a captive and active audience who would check the site regularly for new career postings, or this could even be a great domain for students to find advice on choosing good career path. 


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