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Pool Week 5 Commentary include talk.asia, hospitals.asia and culture.asia

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1.  search.asia

This has a lot of potential as a good generic. The term "search" could be used in a wide variety of contexts. From personal and business telephone listings to search engine crawling, people are always looking for something. This could also be a great domain name for an already established search engine to use as a name that is associated with its brand in the Asian/Pacific region.

2.  baby.asia

This is a great domain name that could generate a high traffic. Providing a portal for all the latest and greatest information on children's health, play, routines, rearing and even names could be an excellent way to put this good generic domain to use. With advertising associated with the theme, there is good potential to generate significant revenue.

3.  videos.asia

This has the potential to be a popular community portal where visitors post and share videos of interest and comment on content. In this light, this site has the potential to go viral, and therefore has the opportunity to generate good revenue through targeted advertisement.

4.  cellphones.asia

It's becoming increasingly difficult to keep up in this fast paced environment without a cell phone. In that light, what a great generic .ASIA to pick up for the Asian/Pacific region which boasts 60% of the world's population. One could provide the most up-to-date information on the latest features and functionality, give information on the best rates and coverage as well as provide sneak peeks and projections as to what the next latest and greatest cell phone is to be.

5.  culture.asia

This is a tough domain to market as the term is so broad. This could become a reasonable site to place historical information on the various cultures that have existed and do currently exist in the Asian/Pacific region. It could also be a site that acts to preserve the culture as a heritage.

6.  models.asia

This domain is pretty self-explanatory. An excellent generic domain name to align with a modeling agency in the Asian region, or it could be a community portal where visitors post opinions and discuss anything related to the world of modeling.

7.  hospital.asia

Having a site that outlines what many of the larger hospitals do within the Asian/Pacific is a great idea. The site could be organized by form of medicine, which hospitals specialize in which area of medicine as well as feature where the best and most innovative research is being conducted. It could also act as a job posting site where medical professionals could go to find listings of the jobs in hospitals.

8.   yoga.asia

This is a very appropriate domain to hold under the .ASIA extension. Since the practice of yoga originated from within the Asian/Pacific region, what better place to hold all sorts of practical information related to yoga, the history and the current lifestyle surrounding it. It could also act as an information site for visitors to go to find out where the best places are to take a yoga vacation.

9.  talk.asia

This domain name is a very generic term and therefore could be difficult to market on its own. However, aligning it with a mobile phone, internet, or long distance company could benefit as it would be owning the domain name that associates with its brand.

10. exchange.asia

There are a wide variety of uses for a domain name like this. The best two would be an information site of the stock exchange in Asia, or a student exchange with a school within the Asian/Pacific region and anywhere else in the world. Both of which could generate significant revenue from advertisement related directly to their field of interest.

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