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Pool Week 4 Commentary include sale.asia, loans.asia and seo.asia

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1.  realestate.asia

This domain is a great example of a solid generic premium domain name. It could act as the single most sought after domain to promote the real estate market in the Asia/Pacific. There is plenty to offer on such a generic name, but advertising on a site with this domain name presents a great opportunity for revenue.

2.  cruises.asia

Another valuable generic word is found in the domain Cruises.asia, and this is a great name to offer discount prices on Asian/Pacific cruises. Perhaps this domain could be a good name for a travel agency or vacation planning agency to grab as it is good practice to own the domain names associated with your industry brand.

3.  tours.asia

Another valuable travel related domain name, Tours.asia is an excellent generic to recommend interesting places to see on tour within the Asian/Pacific region. This site could also act as a community portal where travelers could place comments, recommendations and photos on the various tours that they have taken throughout this region.

4.  loans.asia

For the many types of loans an individual or party can apply for, this is a great domain to present an information portal on the various institutions that provide loans, what the best repayment options are, and good practices for debt management.

5.  sale.asia

Everybody likes a sale! However this domain could be difficult to generate significant revenue because the term is so broad. There are sales in just about every industry. Perhaps this could be a community portal where visitors share information on valuable sale prices that fall under certain categories, rather than trying to associate the word "sale" with one or a few industries.

6.  seo.asia

This domain provides a unique opportunity to tap into the internet search marketing sphere. As the .ASIA TLD has just been released, SEO experts can gear their marketing efforts with an Asian/Pacific audience and search engine in mind. And with the creation of many new websites, this also provides an opportunity for SEO experts to further promote their business by owning a domain name that associates with their brand.

7.  bride.asia

This domain could be a great place to celebrate the wedding traditions of the Asian/Pacific region cultures. They could showcase the traditional garments worn and offer more contemporary pieces as well. Anything that a bride would need for her big day could be found at this domain name. Second to that, any bridal magazines should look to grab this generic name as it associates perfectly with their brand.

8.  house.asia

House.asia would be a wonderful domain name to show off the magnificently unique homes in the Asian/Pacific region. I can see this domain name being associated with an architectural magazine or just celebrating how the Asian culture provides such wonderfully rich and friendly atmospheres about their homes.

9.  bid.asia

An auction platform provides a great opportunity to acquire valuable goods at reasonable prices. Bid.asia is a good generic domain name, but would have difficulty associating with any one particular auction house. Perhaps this domain name could act as an online auction house where users post valuables on the site and the website acts as the auctioneer. Advertising could be a good way of generating revenue apart from a possible small commission charge on each auction.

10. rock.asia

The music industry can generate some excellent online traffic to music websites. This domain name can be associated with many things; however the first thing that came to mind was the rock music industry. Perhaps this domain can try to promote the rock music industry within Asia, or showcase rock band tour dates and venue information for any fans in this region.

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